Brother Printer jam issue is really a stress for the people. Printer Help know exactly the printer jam issue. so, we are going to give the complete solution in a brief. so, anyone can easily fix the issue or if still you guy can’t fix the issue. Contact our printer help team. So, Lets Get Started with the solution to fix your Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed.

  •  First thing you need to open the front cover of your brother printer and leave it for at lest 20 minutes to cool down.
  • Second Step you need to do. Slowly remove the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly from your brother printer.
  • In the Third Step you should close the front cover of your brother printer.
  •  In the forth Step  you have to take out the paper tray completely out of the machine.
  • Fifth Step you have to slowly  take the paper out of the jammed Brother printer.
  • Sixth Step you have to open the back cover(face-up output tray) of your brother printer.
  • Seventh Step pull down the tabs you have on the left and right hand sides to open the fuser cover of your brother printer.
  •  Eighth Step close your fuser cover completely and the back cover of your printer((face-up output tray).
  • Ninth Step Take out your duplex tray out of your brothers printer completely.
  • Tenth Step Take the jammed paper out of the brothers printer or from the duplex tray.
  •  Eleventh Step Ensure that the jammed paper is not remain under the brothers printer static electricity.
  • Twelfth Step place your duplex machine back into your brother printer.
  •  Thirteenth Step place your paper tray back into your Brother Printer.
  • Eighteenth Step Push your green lever down and remove the toner cartridge out of brother printer drum unit and clean that if there is any dust inside the drum unit.
  • Nineteenth step place your toner cartridge back unless you won’t hear it is lock if you will not properly place your toner cartridge then green lever will lift automatically.
  • Twentieth step Open the front cover of brother printer and place  the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the your printer.
  • Twenty first Step Close the cover properly of your printer.
  • twenty second  Ensure that the ErrorLED is completely off and then, the Ready LED lights. If the brother printer does not start printing automatically, press the Go 
brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed

The Reason behind such brother printer jam issue happen because of some internal issue. sometimes some paper is not properly placed or cartridge is not clear. So, In order to prevent such issue. you should make sure  you don’t open your internal part of your brother printer unnecessary.  if still you have that sort of problem. then you should follow all the instructions we discussed before and if you are not willing to fix your issue or you are not very technical savvy. then contact our Printer help team click here to visit Brother Printer jam issue is really  a headache sometimes. you can also visit the official website of brother printer click here to visit. the only solution  to prevent such issue. we should use the printer with lot care. don’t even try to open your brother printer cartridge unnecessary.  you need to understand if you fill your paper tray with lot of paper sometimes. it could be one of the reasons and it will keep jamming  your brother printerif we will discuss about sliding mechanism of the printer. sometimes people don’t place that properly to their brother. which again make the printer jam. so, make sure you should properly place you slider mechanism of your printer to avoid this issue. you should check the paper as well which you placed into the printer. they should be office standard size. if the paper are not of standard size or not properly placed into the printer. it can cause the printer jam issue. we want to highlight one more thing in this scenario make sure paper should not be folded between other papers. do not even try to change the paper size. especially while your print more than one page. this could be reason behind the printer paper jam. after taking care of all those things. we want to emphasis on this step again that you properly inserted all the pages into the brother printer tray. after implement all those steps make sure you check everything all over again. if there will be any torn paper, previous jam paper or any other issue is there. you are going to have that error again. which isbrother printer jam with no paper jam.

brother printer issue of jam

Well Previously we already discuss about the solutions and the prevention to fix the brother printer jam issuebut we also want to discuss further reasons. if you have check everything and place everything in order and still you  have the same error message then you must have the hardware damage in your brother printer. so in that case you should go to the near store of brother or any local store to fix that hardware damage. if you are someone who is using 123 hp com/setup printer and having the similar cause then click here to visit or visit the official website of 123 hp com/setup. we are a third party printer support company and we are not associate with any printer company.

Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed

To be very honest. we are not associated with any printer company but we provide the help and support for all the printer issue. it could be brother printer jam issue, brother printer driver issue, hp printer issue, epson printer issue. so that is fine. if you are not the user of brother printer. still our printer help team is going to help you to fix your any issue or if you are someone. who has a hardware issue then still we are going to give you the correct guidance to help and resolve your printer issue. you can reach us directly by calling our direct toll free number or else fill up the sign up form so our dedicated printer help team can reach you to resolve your issue. 

fix your brother printer jam issue
fix your brother printer jam issue

We Are a third Party. we are Not Associate with any Brand like Cannon, Hp or Dell

Sometimes people are not very savvy and they could not fix their own. If in case you are one of them and after trying all that your brother printer paper jam error still persist. then you have to call Support. to resolve your problem 

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