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Support for Lexmark Printer

On this blog, we are going to discuss how to resolve the Lexmark printer issue. there is so many problems that people face during the use of their Lexmark printer. the most common issues are printer jam issues, Can not print due to outdated printer drivers, can not make a connection between the printer and the computer, can not set up their printer to the device. so, we will be going to discuss these problems. also, try to resolve the issue of the Lexmark printer. for more details click here Lexmark printer support. On this website lot of things are detailed. 

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Jam Issue?

Well, not only Lexmark printer but there are a lot of printers who face a similar problem with their printer. in order to resolve this most common problem. we recommend unplugging your Lexmark printer then check the paper tray and place all your paper properly. Then Uninstall the Lexmark Printer Drivers from the computer and reinstall them again. after that go to the control panel of your windows computer. Search For Computer Management then you need to go the services. in the part of the service. find print spooler and then restart the print spooler services. if still, you have trouble resolving this issue. try and do everything all over again or contact us.

lexmark printer support

How to Download The Lexmark Printer Driver?

To download the Lexmark printer drivers. go to the official website of Lexmark and search for the model number of your printer. Once you have the Lexmark printer model number driver of your printer. download it and Then Install them on the computer.
Note: Lexmark gives CD to Install the drivers of the computer. but due to outdated drivers. people face some unusual problems with their printer.

support for Lexmark printer

How to setup Lexmark Printer?

To set up the Lexmark printer. there are few steps to follow:-

  1. Connect your Lexmark printer to the wifi and then connect the computer or laptop with the same wifi connection you are using on the printer. if you have a wired printer plug in the cable to the computer or laptop to the printer
  2. Install The drivers online or offline by CD.
  3. Go to the Computer Control Panel. Search for devices and printers.
  4. Click on Printer.
  5. Then on the top right, you can see the option add a new printer.
  6. Click on that and make your Lexmark printer a default printer.
  7. Once you did that. give a test command to check your printer is printing or not
online Lexmark printer support
lexmark printer support

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